Golden Week 黄金周

Golden Week at Hakkasan

Hakkasan locations around the world will celebrate Golden Week between September 29th and October 12th with limited edition authentic set menus.


Hakkasan’s wine program


Since its inception, Hakkasan’s wine program has set a standard for the classification and selection of wines used. It features nearly 400 wines, found by buyer, Christine Parkinson. Hakkasan organizes its wine into themes that suggest why each was chosen. Arranged by body and flavor, from lighter wines to more full-bodied selections, it features collections from the finest vineyards around the world.


The philosophy behind Hakkasan’s modern Cantonese cuisine


In 2001, Hakkasan changed the face of Chinese cuisine. The menu offering has a strong Chinese identity, yet, conveys an ethos of cooking that is informed by an innovative approach, underpinned by authenticity rather than traditionalism. This modern validity is the raison d’etre of Hakkasan’s alluring menu, including signature dishes such as the Crispy duck salad, Hakka steamed dim sum platter and the Jasmine tea smoked short rib.