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Dim sum platter
scallop shumai, har gau, Chinese chive dumpling, duck and yam bean dumpling

Vegetarian dim sum platter
crystal dumpling, yam bean and shiitake dumpling, water chestnut dumpling, vegetable beancurd roll

Scallop shumai
with tobiko caviar

Pork and prawn shumai

Silver hill truffle duck dumpling

Chinese chive dumpling
with prawn and crabmeat

Siew long bun
with pork and dried scallop

XO scallop and prawn dumpling

Seafood dumpling consommé

Sticky rice in lotus leaf
with chicken, Chinese sausage and salted egg yolk

Char siu bun

Har gau

Golden custard bun v

Sweet black sesame ball

Cheung fun

Wagyu beef cheung fun

Prawn and gai lan cheung fun

Crispy beancurd cheung fun

Char siu and mui choi cheung fun

Prawn and silver cod crispy red rice cheung fun

Fried, baked and grilled

Morel mushroom and vegetable spring roll v

Pan-fry Wagyu beef dumpling

Crispy duck roll

Sesame prawn toast with foie gras

Golden fried soft shell crab
with red chilli

Jasmine tea smoked organic pork ribs

Black truffle and chicken roll

Salt and pepper tofu
homemade pumpkin tofu

Grilled Shanghai dumpling

Salt and pepper squid

Quail taro croquette

Baked venison puff