Monday – Saturday
12pm – 3:30pm
Rs. 1386 per person

Fruit blends (choose one)

Virgin Hakka

Cran Cooler

Virgin Mojito

Flavoured Iced Tea

Fresh lime

Small eat (choose three)

Har gau

Chicken shumai

Grilled Shanghai dumpling

Crispy chicken roll

Carrot cake v

Crystal dumpling v

Vegetable chive dumpling v

Edamame dumpling v

Soup (choose one)

Hot and sour soup
with chicken or vegetable

Sweetcorn soup
with chicken or vegetable

Main (choose one)

Stir fry chicken in black bean

Stir-fry lamb tenderloin with ginger and spring onion

Mixed vegetable in Assam sauce v

Stir-fry tofu and French bean

Stir-fry broccoli with burnt garlic v

Rice and noodle (choose one)

Spring onion egg fried rice

Vegetable mee goreng noodle v

Hakka hand pulled noodles v

Dessert (choose one)

Selection of ice cream or sorbet

Dark chocolate mousse with mandarin sorbet

Bespoke tea

Classical Beauty
Taipei, Taiwan