Hakkasan Shanghai Menu | A La Carte

珍品 Supreme Special Dish

魚子酱片皮鸭 Crispy duck with imperial caviar
with pancakes and baby cucumber
second course with a choice of XO sauce, black bean sauce or ginger and spring onion

金装佛跳墙 Monk jumps over the wall
(每位) double-boiled soup with abalone, fish maw
(提前24小时预定) dried scallop, sea cucumber and dried shiitake
(24 hours notice required)

二十头日本吉品鲍 Braised supreme dried whole Japanese abalone
(每只) whole abalone in oyster sauce (20 head)

黄焖黑菌澳洲鲍 Braised whole fresh abalone
(每只) in black truffle sauce

鲍汁花菇扣辽参 Stewed sea cucumber in abalone gravy
(每位) with spotted mushroom

黄焖蟹肉官燕汤 Braised superior bird’s nest in yellow broth
(每位) with fresh crab meat

小吃 Small Eat

四式点心拼 Luxurious dim sum platter
bird’s nest dumpling, lobster dumpling with caviar,
abalone seafood dumpling, har gau with foie gras

斋点心拼 Vegetarian dim sum platter V
morel crystal dumpling, steamed dumpling with autumn truffle, truffle pumpkin puff and cheese croquette

沙律香酥鸭 Crispy duck salad
with pomelo, pine nut and shallot

凉拌芦笋沙拉菜 Green salad with asparagus V
with dried cherry tomatoes, lemongrass vinaigrette

黑松露和牛沙律 Salad of Australian Wagyu rib eye beef (M9)
with black truffle

香酥鹅肝虾胶蛋 Crispy quail egg with minced prawn and foie gras

客家黑豚肉花包 Hakka buns with black pork belly

茶香薰乳骨 Jasmine tea smoked pork ribs

香酥鸭春卷 Crispy duck roll

上海鸡锅贴 Grilled Shanghai dumpling

鵝肝虾多士 Sesame prawn toast with foie gras

椒盐鲜鱿 Salt and pepper squid

金丝软壳蟹 Golden fried soft shell crab
with red chilli and curry leaf

饭类 Rice

瑶柱蛋白炒饭 Fried rice with dried scallop and egg white

黄金蛋炒饭 Golden fried rice with egg yolk

素粒炒饭 Diced vegetable fried rice V

丝苗白饭 Steamed jasmine rice

鱼类 Fish

香槟汁焗黑鳕鱼 Roasted silver cod
with Champagne and honey

川辣鲈鱼球 Stir-fry Chilean seabass with Sichuan pepper
sweet basil and spring onion

炭烧蜜汁焗鲈魚 Grilled Chilean seabass in Chinese honey

东星班 Red Star grouper
豉味蒸鱼柳 steamed fillet with black bean or
韭黄炒鱼柳 stir-fry with yellow chives

海鲜 Seafood

豉味澳洲龙虾球 Stir-fry Australian lobster and baby bamboo
with spicy black bean sauce

辣子琵琶虾 Crispy chilli prawn
with dried chilli and cashew nuts

咖哩汁虾球 Spicy prawn
with lily bulb and almond

极品山药炒玉带 Sautéed scallop in XO sauce
with yam bean

黄焖海螯虾米酒酿 Stir-fry Icelandic scampi with rice wine
in king royal stock

肉类 Meat

柚子咕噜肉 Sweet and sour pork
with pomelo

珍菌黑豚花腩 Black pork belly with truffle and asparagus

松露汁脆皮乳猪腿 Crispy ham hock with black truffle sauce
with  merlot

香辣牛蛙煲 Stir-fry bullfrog in claypot
with sweet basil and bell pepper

蒙古酱羊扒 Mongolian style Australian lamb chop

家禽 Poultry

茶香吊烧童子鸡 Smoked crispy spring chicken served with soya

沙爹脆皮鸡 Roast chicken in satay sauce

台式三杯鸡煲 Sanpei chicken claypot
with sweet basil, chilli and spring onion

黑菌明炉烧鸭 Black truffle roast duck
with cordyceps flower

乳鸽片溏心鸽蛋 Wok-fry Cantonese style pigeon with pigeon egg
with dried chilli, Sichuan pepper, baby leek and onion

蔬菜 Vegetable

时日蔬菜 Choice of seasonal Chinese vegetable V
奶白菜苗 Pak choi
广东菜心 Guangdong choi sum
广东芥兰 Guangdong gai lan
有机西洋芥兰 Organic sprouting broccoli
蒜茸 garlic
姜汁 ginger
蚝油 oyster sauce

腐乳奶白菜苗 Stir-fry pak choi with preserved beancurd sauce V

莲藕百合芦笋 Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper V

夏果三菇玉兰度 Three style mushroom stir-fry V
with gai lan, lily bulb and macadamia nut

罗汉佛呠蔬 冬菇, 蟹味菇, 茶树菇 Monk’s vegetables in taro dome
with shiitake, shimeji and tea tree mushroom in truffle sauce

菌汤鸡毛菜 Organic Chinese little greens in truffle broth

面类 Noodle

客家中华拉面 Hakka noodle

鲍汁焖伊面 Braised E-Fu noodle with abalone gravy

干炒牛肉河 Fried ho fun with beef and yellow chives

汤类 Soup

澳龙花胶金汤 Live Australian lobster soup

湘州酸辣羹 Hot and sour soup
with chicken and shiitake

竹笙松茸菌汤 Chinese wild mushroom soup
with truffle, bamboo pith and shiitake mushroom

椰子淮杞花胶鸡汤 Double boiled chicken soup in coconut
with fish maw and wolfberry

黑菌炖土鸡汤 Himalaya black truffle chicken soup