Hakkasan launches a new dinner party in Las Vegas

All That and Dim Sum Hakkasan Las Vegas

All That and Dim Sum Hakkasan Restaurant has allied with Hakkasan Nightclub to create a truly unique experience available only in Las Vegas. Beginning on 25th April, guests will be able to enjoy brand new menu dishes, beverages, and a new ambiance at the restaurant, with complimentary expedited entry into the nightclub following their dinner. […]


Hakkasan Jakarta’s Ingredients Support Local Markets

Hakkasan Jakarta's ingredients are often sourced from local markets.

The ingredients are central at Hakkasan Jakarta   Hakkasan restaurant opened nearly one month ago at Alila SCBD Jakarta and has been welcoming guests with our signature menus, including a variety of dim sum, a la carte, Yum Cha (Hakkasan Jakarta’s Yum Cha menu was designed with the business professional in mind, creating a lunch […]


Inside the fortune macaron

Hakkasan CNY 2019, @ Hakkasan Hanway Place = Fortune Macaron

The fortune cookie is recognisable across the world: crisp and sugary, often flavoured subtly with vanilla and sesame oil, and always containing a piece of paper inside proffering a fortune to the lucky eater. The fortunes often take the form of an aphorism or a prophecy, a Chinese phrase or a list of lucky lottery […]


Hakkasan Jakarta is Now Open

Hakkasan Jakarta's main dining room, now open

Hakkasan Jakarta is now open. Hakkasan Jakarta combines signature Cantonese dishes, cocktails and an extensive wine list with sleek and sophisticated design, offering breathtaking views from the 25th floor of Alila SCBD Hotel. Hakkasan has now opened our twelfth location in Jakarta and the first in South East Asia. Hakkasan Jakarta offers guests skyline views […]


The Chinese zodiac cycle


Based on a twelve year cycle, the Chinese zodiac, or Shengxiao, is represented by twelve different animals. According to ancient folk stories, the Buddha (or, in some stories, the Jade Emperor) called a Great Race across a river to decide who would be included in the zodiac. The clever Rat came first, hiding on the […]


Opening Soon, Hakkasan Jakarta

Alila SCBD Jakarta Pool and Exterior during the day.

Opening Soon, Hakkasan Jakarta is now accepting reservations. With restaurants in 11 international cities, Hakkasan is opening its next outpost and twelfth location in Jakarta on Friday, February 8. Now accepting reservations, Hakkasan Jakarta will be the first of our venues to open in South East Asia. Overlooking the Indonesia Stock Exchange and Pacific Place […]


The future of Hakkasan


According to K.C. Chang, editor and author of Food in Chinese Culture, few other cultures are as food oriented as the Chinese. This is evident in ancient and historical manuscripts – it is believed that one of the most important qualifications of a Chinese gentleman was his knowledge and skill of food and drink. Indeed, […]


Hakkasan Mumbai celebrates seventh anniversary with the ultimate fortune cookie

Karan Johar_Macartune 7

In celebration of  Hakkasan Mumbai‘s  seventh  anniversary, Hakkasan  has collaborated with quintessential Bollywood personality, Karan Johar, to pen the fortunes which are inside the new macartunes. Karan Johar is synonymous with success, panache, quick wit and outspokenness.  He is a leading film director, producer and celebrity, and is also the critically acclaimed author of The […]


The Only At London cocktail collection

Coco Punch 1

Hakkasan is recognised globally for, amongst other things, the unique cocktails created with exotic ingredients created by award-winning mixologists. A few of these cocktails are synonymous with Hakkasan: the Smoky Negroni, an innovative twist on the humble Negroni cocktail finished with a spritz of Ardbeg mist to enhance its smoky aroma; and the Hakka, popular […]


The Orchard List


Hakkasan Group is launching an exclusive drinks list, the Orchard List, after two years of extensive worldwide research and development. Created by Christine Parkinson, Group Head of Wine, Eder de Oliveira Fonseca Neto, Head of Bar, and food and drinks consultant James Morgan, the list pushes the traditional boundaries of drinks without alcohol, taking inspiration […]