Ling Ling: the history

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Ling Ling is synonymous with Hakkasan. Its presence is in every Hakkasan restaurant across the globe, from Hakkasan Hanway Place in London, where it originated, to Hakkasan Shanghai and Hakkasan New York. However, the late-night lounge still retains its mysterious atmosphere, with much of its history at Hanway Place an enigma. While much of the […]


Seasonality in Chinese cuisine

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Chinese cuisine is as diverse as its many regions and inhabitants. Traditional northern Chinese food is glutinous and meat-heavy, with an emphasis on dumplings, either steamed or deep fried in hot oil, and sticky-sweet braised braised pork belly or shoulder. Szechuan cuisine is famous for the tingling, numbing heat of Szechuan pepper, while Guangdong is […]