Hakkasan Jakarta’s Ingredients Support Local Markets

Hakkasan Jakarta's ingredients are often sourced from local markets.

The ingredients are central at Hakkasan Jakarta


Hakkasan restaurant opened nearly one month ago at Alila SCBD Jakarta and has been welcoming guests with our signature menus, including a variety of dim sum, a la carte, Yum Cha (Hakkasan Jakarta’s Yum Cha menu was designed with the business professional in mind, creating a lunch menu to enjoy in the middle of your work day) and cocktail selections. In creating our compelling menu items, one of Hakkasan’s key pillars is to actively source from local markets. We sat down with Jean Pittion, General Manager of Hakkasan Jakarta, to give us an inside look on this process.


Hakkasan Jakarta creates a variety of vegetarian, dim-sum, and fresh seafood creations, and actively supports local businesses when finding ingredients for our Cantonese dishes. Can you expand on how Hakkasan Jakarta sources ingredients to help support local businesses?

  • We are actively using and tasting many ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, and fish, that are locally sourced here in Jakarta. We are always searching for the best quality while simultaneously supporting our local markets.

While we present a variety of dishes on our menus, we have a few signature ingredients. What are some of the main ingredients that Hakkasan frequently sources from local markets?

  • Our common sources from local markets include fresh duck, pork, and live seafood, as well as fish and vegetables. We use these ingredients in many of our menus, including our Yum Cha lunch menu, as well as our Signature menus.

Why do you feel it is important for other restaurants in Jakarta to continually support local markets?

  • There is a strong culture in Jakarta with deep roots; supporting each other and local markets is essential for local economic sustainability.

Can you name a few dishes where the local ingredients are incorporated?

  • Many of our dishes do, but a few to try include the Peking Duck (one of our signature dishes), as well the Crispy duck salad with micro greens, our live seafood, the Mutiaria lobster noodle, and the Cantonese barbecue Kurobuta pork platter. Each of these menu items can be found off of our a la carte menu.

In your opinion, which dish is a must try for guests when they dine at Hakkasan Jakarta?

  • Our Roasted truffle duck with mushroom tea tree is a favorite among our guests, but there are so many dishes to try that guests will need to come back a couple of times to work through the entire menu.

Take a look at all of our menus and discover our creations by making a reservation for your next fine dining experience in Jakarta.

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