The Evolution of Ling Ling

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Ling Ling, a new experience by Hakkasan, launched on the idyllic whitewashed Greek island of Mykonos last year. This year Ling Ling will open in Marrakech, in the opulent surroundings of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

To celebrate this opening, Hakkasan is featuring a cocktail flight illustrating the Evolution of Ling Ling.

Eder Neto, Head of Bar UK and Europe, explains the development of the exclusive flight:

“Fifteen years ago, Hakkasan Hanway Place opened, and with it the original Ling Ling, the late night lounge synonymous with Hakkasan, adorned with leather furniture, black and gold panels and candlelight.

The Bitter Fortune, served in a short, no stem glass suited for its club basement surroundings, was one of the first cocktails created once an identity had been given to Hakkasan’s drink offering.

This, to me, epitomises Ling Ling’s origins. It’s a cocktail of contrasts: bitter yet sweet and zesty with pink grapefruit, Aperol and peach bitters.

It is also the perfect base to make other flavours sing.

We took the basement to the beach with the second cocktail, the Golden Mare, with sultry, heady Mediterranean herbal flavours of rosemary and basil as well as the classic aniseed flavours of Pernod, representative of the Greek national drink of ouzo.

The third cocktail in the flight, the Chilli Coupette, is symbolic of Marrakech, with the complex spices of desert souks and mint reminscient of the mint tea enjoyed so much in the area.

The Bitter Fortune, the cocktail created in London, is rooted in the origin of Ling Ling: its aromatic ingredients complement both the fragrant herbs of the Mediterranean and the intricate spices of Morocco, but it also stands confidently and rebelliously on its own.”

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