Guests with allergies and intolerances should inform a member of the team before placing an order for food or beverages.

Menu References:
'v' - vegetarian
's' - signature
'g' - made with ingredients not containing gluten
'vg' - vegan

A La Carte

Hakkasan signature Peking duck

Hakkasan signature Peking duck

whole duck, pancakes, 30g of caviar, second course, choice of XO sauce, black bean sauce or ginger and spring onion


Royal sweetcorn soup

lobster, gai lan

Hot and sour soup

chicken, shiitake mushroom, pomelo

Vegetarian sweetcorn soup 'v'

Double boiled mushroom broth (for two people)

herbal chicken dumpling

Dim sum

Classic steamed dim sum

langoustine har gau with Prunier caviar, halibut shui mai with water chestnut, king crab with peppercorn sauce, wild mushroom 'vg'

Supreme dim sum

phoenix eye lobster, abalone and chicken shui mai with Prunier caviar, royal king crab jade dumpling, dover sole with black truffle

Classic baked dim sum

king crab and white asparagus croquette, baked abalone and chicken puff, spring vegetable and black truffle

Vegan dim sum 'vg'

golden squash and lily bulb crystal dumpling, black pepper and purple sweet potato, sugar snap and edamame, wild mushroom with black truffle bean curd wrap

Small eat

24 hours slow roasted Iberico pork char siu

Black garlic glaze, crackling, mustard dressing. With rich, dark meat, the Iberico black pig has earned a reputation as the 'Wagyu' of the pork world. The extreme marbling of fat gives the pork a sweet, buttery flavour and a delicate texture, elevating dishes to new heights

Stir-fry vegetable lettuce wrap 'vg'

Sesame prawn toast

crispy seaweed, enoki mushroom

Salt and pepper squid

Golden fried soft shell crab

red chilli

Crispy silken tofu 'vg'

Szechuan pepper

Morel mushroom and vegetable spring roll 'v'

edamame, osmanthus fragrance


Crispy duck salad

with pomelo, pine nut and shallot

Crispy bean curd peel and basil cress salad 'vg'

mango, onion, yuzu dressing


Roasted silver cod

Champagne and honey

Grilled Chilean seabass in honey

Steamed Chilean seabass 'g'

soy sauce or black bean sauce

Sesame crusted halibut

Spring onion, eldeflower tea sauce. The Greenland halibut is found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Appreciated for its snowy-white flesh and delicate, soft texture, this fish is a highly sought-after delicacy


Crispy fresh water prawn

dried chilli, cashew nut

Spicy prawn 'g'

lily bulb, almond

Brown-butter black bean scallop

taro mousseline

Wok-fry native lobster

Ginger butter sauce. Originally caught from the shores of Cornwall and Scotland, native lobster is sweet with a depth and richness of flavour. Renowned for its quality, this lobster is meaty and luxurious. Only available when in season


Roasted chicken in satay sauce

Sanpei chicken claypot

sweet basil, chilli, spring onion

Black truffle roasted duck

tea plant mushroom


Sweet and sour Duke of Berkshire pork


Smoked beef ribs with jasmine tea

Stir-fry rib eye beef with lily bulb in black bean sauce 'g'

Stir-fry black pepper rib eye beef with Merlot

Grilled Australian Wagyu beef

Baby leek, goji berry honey truffle glaze. The unique qualities of Wagyu beef are unsurpassed; it has abundant fine marbling which produces buttery and tender meat. Our Australian Wagyu beef is paired with raw and cold filtered English honey locally sourced from sustainable apiaries

Tofu and vegetable

Tofu, aubergine and Japanese mushroom claypot

chilli, black bean sauce

Chinese vegetable 'v'

Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb 'vg'

black pepper

Stir-fry baby broccoli and preserved olive 'vg'

crispy seaweed, pine nut

Stir-fry spring sugar snap pea 'vg'

courgette, yam bean, eryngii mushroom, fried tofu

Stir-fry black pepper yellow bean 'vg'

sugar snap

Noodle and rice

Steamed jasmine rice 'vg'

Spring onion and egg fried rice 'v'

Vegetable fried rice with preserved olive leaf 'vg'

Singapore vermicelli

prawn, squid

Hakka noodle

shimeji mushroom, beansprout, katsuobushi

Guests with allergies and intolerances should make a member of the team aware before placing an order for food or beverages.

Menu References:
'v' - vegetarian
's' - signature
'g' - gluten free
'vg' - vegan