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沙拉 Salad

Crispy duck salad Ж
with pomelo, pine nut and shallot

小吃 Small eat

Stir-fry vegetable and pine nut lettuce wrapv

Chilli and pepper crispy chicken

Peking duck
with cucumber and leek



Red Roses

Pu Erh

Lapsang Souchong

点心 Dim sum

Cobia fish shu mai

Lobster har gau

Barbecue chicken bun

Chinese chive jade dumplingv

Baked venison puff

Yam bean and taro croquettev

Fruit blend (soft cocktails)

Golden Date
ginger, basil, passion fruit, lime, date and basil seeds with honey

Green Nile
kiwi, ginger, coriander, lychee and apple juice

Gavati Refresher
peach and guava juice, raspberries, elderflower and lemongrass

主菜 Main (choose one)

Wok-fry beef rib eye
with dry chili and cashew nut

Pan-fry black cod with XO sauce

Wok-sear tiger prawn
with lemongrass and chilli

Sanpei chicken
with spring onion, dried chilli and sweet basil

Tofu, aubergine and shiitake mushroom claypotv Ж
in chilli black bean sauce
served along with jasmine rice

甜点 Dessert

Chef’s selection


Green Destiny
Zubrowka Bison grass vodka, cucumber, kiwi and apple juice

Lychee Martini
Ketel One vodka, lychee liqueur, lime, lychee juice and grapefruit bitters

Zubrowka Bison grass vodka, Choya Umeshu, Matcha tea, jasmine, lime and soursop juice

Kumquat Mojito
Havana 3yrs rum, kumquat, lime, mint and orange juice

The Hakka
Ketel One vodka, Kome to Mizu Sake, lychee juice, lime, passion fruit and coconut

Chifa San
Shushinkan Yuzu Sake, 1615 Quebranta Pisco, lemon, ginger and lemongrass syrup