In honour of the Chinese New Year which falls on the 5th of February, commemorated from the 28th January to 24th February 2019, Hakkasan Dubai proudly introduces a celebration unlike any other, set to transform the restaurant into a true feast for the senses. The dedicated offering for the Chinese New Year forms part of Hakkasan’s rich tapestry of traditions, and is upheld across its venues globally. By honouring such customs through elevation of the guest experience, Hakkasan continues to pay homage to its Chinese roots.

Most symbolic of its celebrations will be the ‘Wishing Tree’, a practice born centuries ago in Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong, whereby guests can tie ribbons with their wishes for the New Year imprinted on them, to the latticed woodwork at the venue. With its unique ‘Wishing Tree’ set up for guests to marvel at and contribute to, a limited edition signature menu curated for the occasion, and smooth beats of the in house DJ, Hakkasan welcomes guests to relish the delights of its unique “Spring Festival”.

As a part of the Chinese tradition, we are pleased to announce a month of dedicated revelries at Hakkasan. Celebrating the Spring Festival, we are delighted to offer to our guests a special limited signature set menu, crafted for the occasion and of course, we will continue our annual wishing tree tradition. We are inviting guests to be part of the celebrations, by writing their wishes on red ribbons for our team to hang around the restaurant, adding a sense of tangibility to the special occasion. To download the menu, click here.

Small Eat

錦繡香芒拌火鴨 Peking duck with crispy bean curd and mango

海鮮芝麻煎堆拼沙茶百花雞酥 Dim sum duo
Seafood sesame jian dui
Shacha chicken puff

金菊竹笙鱸魚湯 Superior soup with Chilean seabass and bamboo pith


翡翠碧汁龍蝦球 Wok-fry lobster with Chinese chive and lily bulb

鐵板年糕爆羊柳 Stir-fry lamb tenderloin with shitake

鮑汁野菌白菜苗 Stir-fry pak choi with eryngii and pioppini

脆皮燒雞雙冬飯 Roasted Jasmine chicken with sticky rice


金銀滿屋 Wealth Pot
Andoa 70%, mandarin, caramel

年年好運 Fortune macaron


聊聊 Liáo Liáo AED 85
Ketel One vodka, rosella, oloroso sherry, lemon, kumquat sherbet and plum bitters