Priced at GBP 35 per person, GBP 38 with a choice of dessert or GBP 42 with a choice of Dragon Well’s green tea or White Peony tea, one fruit blend and a choice of dessert, the Tea and Dim Sum lunch menu features classic dim sum such as char sui bun and har gau.

Available from 12 noon to 5pm for parties of two to seven

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Choice of tea
Dragon’s Well green tea or White Peony tea

Fruit blend (choose one)

Kowloon Cooler
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, lychee, apple and cranberry, lemonade

Gavati Refresher
lemongrass, raspberries, peach, guava, elderflower and lemon

Coco Passion
coconut, passion fruit, almond syrup and coconut water

Green Nile
kiwi, ginger, coriander, lychee and apple

Dim sum

Char sui bun

Har gau

Chinese chive dumpling

Black truffle and chicken roll

Baked venison puff

Crispy bean curd red rice cheung fun v

Stir-fry French bean with vegetarian XO sauce v

Dessert (choose one)

Selection of dessert