Hakkasan is celebrating Chinese New Year with a limited edition menu showcasing dishes that will bring luck, joyand prosperity in 2019.  The menu will be running from 28th January until 24th February.

Hakkasan restaurants around the world will continue to honour the Chinese wishing tree tradition. Inspired by the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong, guests are invited to share their hopes for the coming year by writing wishes on red and gold ribbons which will be hung in the restaurant.

To download the menu, click here.

Small Eat

沙茶醬雞肉酥 Shacha chicken puff

閘菌菇松仁餃子 Three-style mushroom dumplingv
with water chestnut and pine nut

毛豆丸竹笙湯 Superior soupv
with edamame dumpling and bamboo pith


古法叉燒炒麵 Hand pulled noodle
with char siu chicken

川味爆炒鯧魚球 Stir-fry pomfret
with onion and single head garlic in Toban chilli sauce

翡翠碧汁龍蝦球 Wok-fry lobster
with spinach

香檳汁蘆筍松菇 Asparagus and shimeji mushroomv
in Champagne honey sauce


聚宝盆(吉祥如意) Wealth pot

幸运马卡龙(心想事成) Fortune macaron


聊聊 Liáo Liáo
Absolut vodka, rosella, lemon, kumquat sherbet and plum bitters