Priced at Rs. 1750 per person plus taxes
For parties of two to 10

Small eat (choose any three)

Scallop shumai

Chinese chive dumpling (with prawn)

Chicken shumai

Char sui chicken bun

Mapo sauce dumpling v

Pan seared vegetable satay bun v

Crystal dumpling v

Vegetable chive dumpling v

Soup (choose one)

Hot and sour soup

Sweetcorn soup

Main (choose one)

Stir-fry chicken in black bean

Sanpei chicken clay pot

Steamed Indian salmon in Assam sauce
served with seasonal greens with burnt garlic

Stir-fry lamb
with ginger and spring onion

Mixed vegetable in Assam sauce v

Stir-fry French beans with tofu V

Stir-fry spicy lotus root v

Stir-fry French beans v

Rice and noodle (choose one)

Ginger and spring onion fried rice V

Spring onion egg fried rice

Hakka hand pulled noodles

Dessert (choose one)

Chocolate mousse with mandarin sorbet

Mango coconut iced truffle

Selection of ice cream or sorbet

Fruit blend (choose one)

Gavati Refresher

Green Nile