Chinese Tea Listing

White Tea
Silver needle
Fujian, China

Green Tea
Dragon Well Green Tea
Sanshi, Taipei, Taiwan

Flower Tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Taipei, Taiwan
Orchid Pao Chung Tea
Taipei, Taiwan

Blue Tea
Four Seasons Oolong
Taipei, Taiwan
High Mountain Tie Guan Yin
Li Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan
Classical Beauty
Taipei, Taiwan
Anxi Tie Guan Yin ‘roasted’
Fujian, China

Dark Tea
Old Puer Ya Jian
Yunnan, China

Steamed Dim Sum

Hakka steamed dim sum platter
scallop shumai, har gau, Chinese chive dumpling and black pepper duck dumpling

Scallop shumai

Bamboo dumpling V

Har gau

Prawn and Chinese chive dumpling

Char siu bao

Prawn and pak choi dumpling

Chive flower dumpling V

Sticky rice in lotus leaf
with chicken and dried scallop

Shanghai siew long bao

Morel crystal dumpling V

Beancurd lotus roll V

Poached Beijing Peking dumpling

Fried and Pan-Seared Dim Sum

Crispy duck roll

Pan-seared Shanghai dumpling

Pan-seared vegetable Shanghai dumpling V

Roast duck pumpkin puff

Taro and crab croquette

XO scallop puff

Daikon puff V

Pan-fried turnip cake
with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage

Crispy prawn dumpling
with plum sauce

Sesame prawn toast


Hot and sour soup with chicken

Vegetarian hot and sour soup V

Chinese mushroom soup with wolfberry VG

Crab meat and sweet corn supreme soup G
vegetarian upon request

Small eat

Crispy duck salad
with pomegranate, pine nut and shallot

Salt and pepper squid

Stir-fried mushroom lettuce wrap V
with pistachio and pine nut

Jasmine tea smoked pork spare ribs

Fish and Seafood

Steamed red snapper
with cloud ear mushroom and white fungus

Chiu chow style sea bass G
with Chinese celery and salted plum

Spicy prawn G
with lily bulb and almond

Stir-fried Brazilian lobster G
with Chinese chive sauce

Wok-fried jumbo prawn
in garlic sauce

Poultry and Meat

Braised free-range chicken
with ginger, spring onion and angelica root

Pipa duck

Stir-fried black pepper beef ribeye

Seared Wagyu beef
with enoki mushroom and light sesame sauce

Hakka organic pork belly claypot
with leek and cloud ear mushroom

Mongolian grilled lamb chop

Sweet and sour pork tenderloin G
with pomegranate

Tofu and Vegetable

Szechuan Mabo tofu with Wagyu beef
vegetarian upon request

Tofu, aubergine and shiitake mushroom claypot in chili black bean sauce
vegetarian upon request

Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb VG
with black pepper

Three-style mushroom stir-fry VG
with macadamia nut, gai lan and water chestnut

Stir-fried black pepper vegetarian chicken V
with sugar snap peas

French beans with minced pork and dried shrimp

Chinese green vegetable
with choice of oyster sauce, garlic or ginger

pak choi
gai lan
choi sum
pea shoots

Rice and Noodle

Egg and scallion fried rice VG

Steamed Jasmine rice V

Hakka noodle V
with mushroom and Chinese chive

Truffle braised noodle
with crabmeat and scallop

Stir-fried udon noodle
with duck in XO sauce