In the fifteen years since the first Hakkasan opened in Hanway Place, London, eleven restaurants have followed: in the Indian city of Mumbai; in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha; in four destinations in the United States; in the southeast Asian city of Jakarta; and in Shanghai, China.

The menu across each of the restaurants has always stayed resolutely close to Hakkasan’s roots. Similarly, the wine and cocktail list is consistent in every Hakkasan restaurant, from San Francisco to Mayfair, with much lauded cocktails such as the signature Hakka, a unique blend of vodka, sake, lychee, lime, coconut and passion fruit, remaining on the menu throughout Hakkasan’s history.

However, out of sight there is constant development and evolution: of cooking techniques and unique ingredients; of wines from unexplored regions; of the art of mixology.

The Only At collection reflects Hakkasan’s ability to innovate, celebrating each restaurant’s local culture and cuisine, from the distinctive spices of the Middle East to the complex cooking styles of Shanghai, all the while retaining Hakkasan’s characteristic style.

Inspired by ingredients and flavours inherent to these regions, the Only At menus showcase local influences and expertise to create a unique collection.