Sometimes, a natural synergy inspires an exciting connection.

Lucy Choi London is founded by Lucy Choi, the niece of the legendary shoe designer Jimmy Choo, and a fierce footwear creative in her own right. Lucy grew up surrounded by fashion industry greats, learning from a young age about the importance of craftsmanship.

It is this ethos that is shared by Hakkasan, a brand which celebrates the skill of a particular craft, seen in the delicate artistry of dim sum chefs when sculpting elegant dumplings or by the exacting precision of the wok chefs when creating wok hei, that smoky fragrance only achieved by complete expertise and dexterity.

In a celebration of this unique partnership, Hakkasan and Lucy Choi London collaborated on an exclusive collaboration fusing food and fashion.

We spoke to Lucy about how she approaches the creation of her iconic footwear, the Hakkasan Collection, and her thoughts around the partnership:

What is your overall approach to creating your shoes?

 There are three key elements I consider when creating any of my shoes (which I also consider the ethos behind my brand): comfort, craftsmanship and character. All of my shoes are created with these important elements in mind. In addition to this, my signature style is epitomised by a ‘Rock and Royal’ theme inspired by the two Kates: the edgy and iconic Kate Moss, and the elegant and classic Kate Middleton.

Who or what inspired you to start making shoes?

One of my main inspirations is my uncle, Jimmy Choo. As a little girl I watched him create the most amazing designs, and I learned all about craftsmanship from him. He inspires me every day.

However, ultimately, it is women who inspire me. I want to create shoes that fit the needs of the modern woman at an affordable price point without compromising on comfort, craftsmanship and character.

Just how important is comfort when designing your shoes?

Comfort really is of the utmost importance to me. It’s lovely to have a beautiful pair of shoes, but if you can’t walk in them then what’s the point?! Frequently, people tell me that they wear my shoes on occasions which take them from daytime to dancing until 5am – that’s true comfort!

With regards to the Hakkasan Collection specifically, can you please tell us about the inspiration behind each of the shoes?

There are two main designs within the collection.

The Hanway Place is a black flat with a velvet upper and carefully embroidered tiger design. This design aims to mirror the delicate way in which dim sum is created, while the vibrant colour of the stitching echoes the detailed craftsmanship. The tiger notably is the Chinese year in which I was born, and it channels power and strength. The shoe’s studded back gives a nod to my rock side. Much like its namesake restaurant, you would feel very at home wearing these in the edgier Soho, London district.

By contrast, the Mayfair exudes the glamour of its address. It comes in both a mid and a high heel, and is made of three different types of leather, illustrating a high level of skill. The colour red is a key colour for Hakkasan, and the style empowers women to feel strong, elegant and powerful.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Hakkasan?

I am a huge fan of Hakkasan. I’ve been going to the restaurants for the last few decades. There is so much natural synergy between our brands: the East meets West influence, the dedication to craftsmanship, and the constant innovation.

Finally, what do you enjoy about the Hakkasan Collection menu in the restaurant?

The menu encompasses all of my favourite dishes in one menu, in addition to the mysterious Lucy Loves… dessert served in a glossy shoebox. Even the cocktail combines my two favourite drinks: Champagne and gin… it is absolutely divine. We are all really excited about this collaboration, so you’ll be seeing me a lot in the restaurants over the coming months.

The Hakkasan Collection is available in the Lucy Choi London boutique and in Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair until Sunday 17th November.