Celebrate Ramadan With an Exclusive Iftar Menu at Hakkasan Abu Dhabi

As Ramadan quickly approaches, Hakkasan Abu Dhabi is delighted to announce its exquisite Iftar menu. The Iftar menu is priced at AED 328 per person and is available daily from sunset until 8PM. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, this exceptional menu offers a delightful range of dishes that will leave guests feeling completely satisfied.

  • Classic dim sum

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  • Roast duck wrap

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  • Wok fry prime rib beef

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  • Crispy golden prawn

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  • Seasonal vegetables

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The appetizers offer a selection of Classic dim sum, including spicy chicken puff, Shanghai chicken dumpling, Chilean seabass dumpling, and squid bonito flake. Additionally, the Roast duck wrap with mango, green apple, and pine nuts is a symphony of flavours, while the Soft shell crab with almond and chilli offers a crispy and spicy kick.

For the main courses, guests will sample the Wok-fried prime rib beef tossed in black garlic, crispy Golden Prawn, fresh Seasonal vegetables, and finally, the scrumptious Char Siu chicken fried rice.

For dessert, guests will enjoy the mouth-watering Sticky date pudding drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, the perfect finale for a truly unforgettable Iftar experience.

Gather your loved ones and share the joy of breaking your fast together over a lavish Iftar at Hakkasan Abu Dhabi from the refreshing fruit blends to the succulent appetizers and mains, each dish is crafted with care and precision to deliver an unparalleled Iftar experience. To view the full menu, please click here.

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