An interview with Lucy Choi

An exclusive collaboration fusing food and fashion.

The Hakkasan Collection

In celebration of London Fashion Week 2019, Hakkasan and Lucy Choi London have collaborated on the exclusive Hakkasan Collection fusing food and fashion.

The rise of the spritz

Executive Chefs Andrew Yeo and Chen-Wei Chan

Hakkasan welcomes Executive Chefs Andrew Yeo and Chen-Wei Chan to its culinary team

Hakkasan has recently announced the two new leaders of its culinary team, Corporate Executive Chef Andrew Yeo and Executive Chef Special Projects, US, Chen-Wei Chan.

Fortune Macaron

Looking into the future: three artists predict their fortunes for Chinese New Year

We asked three guests fortune writers for Hakkasan to tell us about what fortune they’d like to receive in 2019.

Dim sum

The future of Hakkasan

It is the driving force of the people behind the scenes at Hakkasan who continue to allow it a place to shine in the thriving restaurant scenes around the world, from the bright lights of Shanghai to the bustle of New York.

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi

Innovation within the Only At Collections

The Orchard List

The Orchard List