Year of the Dragon

2024 welcomes the Year of the Dragon and is celebrated across fifteen days of festivities from Saturday 10th February. As the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is highly respected, and is a symbol of kindness, good fortune, ambition and honour.

Legend has it, during the Jade Emperor’s great race across the river, it was anticipated that the Dragon would secure first place due to its exceptional swimming skills. However, the Dragon paused along the journey to assist some villagers, and to propel the Rabbit, who was perched atop a floating log, with a gentle breath to help it over the finish line. This noble act earned the Dragon it’s admirable place as the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Year of the Dragon celebrations at Hakkasan

Hakkasan is celebrating this Chinese New Year by paying homage to the Year of the Dragon.

We are offering an exclusive Year of the Dragon menu, cocktail and dessert for guests to enjoy, designed to exude opulence and prosperity, much like the dragon. The menu is a showcase of dishes featuring auspicious ingredients, including fish, kumquats and noodles, believed to bring good fortune, strength and health in 2024.

Chinese New Year Decorations

Throughout Chinese New Year celebrations, houses, restaurants and streets are adorned with colourful lanterns and streamers. Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair have been transformed with Year of the Dragon wishing trees. Our golden, handcrafted wishing trees are lit from within and feature intricate illustrations. The trees are backed by a bespoke backdrop that depicts a traditional landscape, with highlights of Chinese New Year symbols and dragon motifs. To bring good fortune for the coming year, guests can write their wishes on wishing ribbons, and hang them on the trees in the hope their wishes for 2024 will come true.

Traditional Lion Dances

To bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year, traditional lion dances will be performed at 6:30pm on 8th February at Hakkasan Hanway Place, and at 5pm on 10th February at Hakkasan Mayfair. Thought to chase away evil spirits in the coming lunar year, the dances mimic the movements of a lion to music. Beating drums, clashing cymbals and booming gongs follow the lion as he dances to the beat.