Celebrating Chinese New Year with Hakkasan

Chinese New Year is the most celebrated public holiday in China, and its popularity can be seen across the globe during the fifteen days of festivities. Celebrations welcome the new lunar year, bringing family and friends together for prosperous feasting and vibrant celebrations.

The Year of the Dragon at Hakkasan

Our talented culinary team has created a new, exclusive Year of the Dragon, Chinese New Year menu with innovative flavours and ingredients inspired by the Chinese zodiac. Alongside the menu, we are hosting traditional lion dances within our decorated restaurants.

Each dish on this year’s decadent menu has been created by our Executive Chefs from Hakkasan restaurants around the world, designed to bring good fortune, strength and prosperity to the new lunar year.

Raise a glass to the Year of the Dragon with our limited-edition Red Dragon cocktail, a smooth blend of Belvedere vodka, DolaDira aperitive reduction, yuzu sake, dragon fruit and lemon. The red hue is a symbol of the luck, prosperity and wealth the dragon will bring into the year ahead. Its garnish takes inspiration from traditional Chinese paper cutting, symbolising luck and happiness for the new lunar year.

The menu starts with the ‘Wishes of Prosperity’ dim sum duo, a particularly auspicious dish on our Chinese New Year menu. The duo, created by Hakkasan Riyadh, features Lobster and cheese lantern

puffs, and Black truffle wild mushroom dumplings. The lanterns are a symbol of letting go of the past year and welcoming the new with good fortune, while mushrooms symbolise longevity and health.

Alongside this is our A4 Wagyu beef cucumber salad, which features tender A4 Wagyu sirloin paired with diced cucumber and a chilli garlic vinaigrette. Served in delicate crispy spinach cups, sprinkled with sesame seeds and garnished with a garlic flower, this dish was created by Hakkasan Mumbai.

For the main course, you can enjoy a Smoked eight treasure duck from Hakkasan Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Claypot grouper with spring onion and pepper by Hakkasan Shanghai. These are served alongside the Prosperous buddha’s delight vegetables from Hakkasan Istanbul, and Wild red king prawn with braised dragon beard noodles from our team in London at Hakkasan Hanway Place, Mayfair.

Mark the end of your Chinese New Year meal with The auspicious dragon dessert, featuring a spicy chocolate mousse, spicy raspberry compote and salted streusel from Hakkasan Las Vegas and Miami, designed by Global Pastry Chef Romain Cornu.

Our Year of the Dragon menu is £128 per person (excluding cocktail) and is available for parties of two or more guests. Alternatively you can enjoy individual dishes a la carte. Available from Tuesday 30th January until the 24th February.