We are pleased, proud, and incredibly excited to announce that Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair have retained their Michelin stars for the 19th and 11th years respectively.

Twenty years ago, Hakkasan opened its doors for the first time. Located at the end of Hanway Place, an unlit alleyway secreted behind Tottenham Court Road station, the unassuming door hid behind it what was to become one of the most defining and exciting Chinese restaurants in London’s culinary scene.

Less than two years after Hakkasan Hanway Place opened, it gained a Michelin star, making it the first Chinese restaurant in the United Kingdom to be recognised by the prestigious Michelin Guide. When Hakkasan opened in Mayfair in 2012, it went on to be awarded a Michelin star less than a year after opening.

Since 2001, Hakkasan has expanded globally, with restaurants in Las Vegas and Miami in the United States, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai in the Middle East, Mumbai in India, and Shanghai, China. Hakkasan very recently opened its first fully outdoor venue in Bodrum, Turkey, with stunning vistas of the sea. The brand is also set to open in multiple countries over the next few years, including in Riyadh and Istanbul in 2022 and Muscat in 2023.

Hakkasan celebrates authentic Cantonese cuisine with contemporary influences. Executive Chef Andrew Yeo’s passion lies in creating unique and modern cuisine using traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients. The wine list is one of the most influential in the industry, with an extensive program of over 300 wines alone in Hakkasan Mayfair. The patisserie chefs pride themselves on crafting desserts which explore classical European techniques and their relationship to the flavours of Chinese cuisine, while the bar team ride the waves of innovation, ensuring they are always ahead of the curve in a competitive industry.

However, Hakkasan is more than the sum of its parts: for many people who visit – for birthdays, special occasions, engagements – Hakkasan is the place where memories are made, and the restaurants will continue to be in people’s minds for many years to come.

We would like to say thank you to the exceptionally talented people behind the scenes at Hakkasan, from Chef Andrew Yeo and his team of chefs to the tirelessly hardworking people front and back of house.