Elegance, energy, invention
优雅, 能源, 发明

Chinese jade

Asian Art in London: an exhibition at Hakkasan Mayfair

October 29, 2014
Every year thousands of people visit London for Asian Art in…
The eight culinary traditions of China

The eight culinary traditions of China

October 20, 2014
Chinese cuisine is rich and diverse, varying in style and taste…
Wok hei

Wok hei, or the ‘breath of the wok’

October 7, 2014
Wok hei translated into English means ‘wok thermal radiation’…

With international outposts in Miami, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and New York,
Hakkasan promises one of the most vibrant and memorable experiences.

Hakkasan’s fine-dining Cantonese cuisine has placed the group at the forefront of modern Chinese restaurants

It includes signature dishes such as Peking duck with caviar and grilled Wagyu beef with king soy sauce, which can be found in Hakkasan restaurants worldwide. Extensive dim sum and dessert menus are also available to enjoy alongside Hakkasan’s award-winning wine list and signature cocktails.