In 2001, Hakkasan created a fine dining experience that changed the face of Chinese cuisine. With just a single location at the time, Hakkasan set a standard in London and soon expanded to become a global brand.

With 12 restaurant locations worldwide, Hakkasan has stayed true to the ideals and practices that accompanied it on its path to success. The philosophy of ‘Modern Authenticity’ is at the forefront of the group’s DNA, representing a balance between tradition and progression. Hakkasan has embedded this philosophy into its design, wine and beverage program, service, brand standards and most importantly, its cuisine.

The beauty and brilliance behind the Hakkasan cuisine is that each visit brings with it new flavours and a different type of experience. Most dishes are designed for sharing, so guests can try a variety of offerings. Some of the most popular dishes to start with are the Crispy duck salad, Hakka steamed dim sum platter or the Jasmine tea smoked short rib. After this, guests may move on to mains like Grilled Chilean seabass with Chinese honey, or the Black pepper rib eye beef,  accompanied by sides such as  the Hakka noodle or Egg and scallion fried rice.  Rounding off your meal with a palate-cleansing dessert is a must at Hakkasan, and the Exotic fruit platter is a delightful conclusion to the journey.

All of the dishes are prepared with a consideration for tradition and deliver a modern, authentic impression. The flavour is bold, yet light. The aroma is nostalgic, yet doesn’t overpower.