Hakkasan Deep Podcast #063

Compiled and presented by Hakkasan Group’s Music Director, Pathaan, is now available to listen to on the following platforms:

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Track List:

  1. @maxidegrassi – Taliejuh
  2. @lisandro.dj – Mind
  3. @deathonthebalcony – Lense Of Our Lives (Original Mix)
  4. @nhar_siefert – Mediolanum (Original Mix)
  5. @erdirmak – Zura (Original Mix)
  6. @jelly4thebabies – Luna (Erdi Irmak Remix)
  7. @whitesquaremusic – Traces To Nowhere
  8. @amberoommusic – Kastell (Dixon Retouch)
  9. @bobmosesmusic – Nothing but You (DJ Tennis Remix)
  10. @briancid/- Eternal Sunrise
  11. @budakid – Verso 71 (Exploited)
  12. @dsf_music_greece – Toyland
  13. @noraenpure – Sphinx
  14. @franz_matthews & @localsuicide – Tutan Jamon (Chaim Dub)
  15. @davidbroaders – Humanize (Original Mix)
  16. @kiko_officiel.fr – Echoes of Light
  17. #FREE.D – Heart To Say (Death On The Balcony Remix)
  18. @armenmiran – Reborn (Volen Sentir Sunset Mix)
  19. #LeSonic & @_whiteleaf – Kalopsia (Original Mix)

Labels featured : @hoomidaasrecords, @donotsitonthefurniturerecords, @sevenvillasmusic, One Of A Kind, Freerange Records, @innervisions_official, @dominorecordco, microCastle Music, @exploitedrec/, @eskimorecordings

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