Pouring Champagne into a Glass

Serving a two-year term on the Standards Advisory Committee, Yannick Augy is the latest addition to the team of 20 industry leaders who help determine the global guidelines for Forbes Travel Guide.

As Director of Learning and Development for Hakkasan Group, Yannick Augy goes beyond simply teaching the brands and service standards for the company – he also embodies them: sleek, refined, and always striving for excellence. In 2012, Yannick joined Hakkasan Group for the opening of Hakkasan Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV, but his career in the hospitality industry had begun long before that. Gaining experience through positions with numerous Michelin-starred chefs including Alain Ducasse in France, London, and Monte Carlo before finding a new home in Las Vegas. Following his time with Joel Robuchon, Yannick brought his insight and wisdom to the position of General Manager of Hakkasan Restaurant and quickly rose to Director of Restaurant Projects before assuming his newly created place in Learning and Development.

Given his attention to detail, wealth of experience, and unique and original ideas in dining service, it was no surprise to his peers when he was chosen to serve a 2-year term as Food and Beverage Chair for Forbes Travel Guide’s Standards Advisory Committee. In this revered position, Yannick partakes in discussions with some of the most experienced luminaries in the field of hospitality to ensure that the Forbes standards continue to reflect guest expectations. Each member of the Standards Advisory Committee is chosen to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table and help, hotels, restaurants, and spas craft the best possible experiences for their guests. In his role, Yannick will review and refine over 140 standards for the restaurant field to ensure relevancy.

Since 1958, Forbes Travel Guide has been considered a global authority on luxury hospitality. As of 2020, nearly 1,900 properties in 59 countries have been visited and rated from Recommended to Five-star. Two of our Hakkasan locations have made it onto the list of 302 restaurants and awarded Recommended status. The guide describes the Las Vegas location as a “see-and-be-seen spot” for an authentic Cantonese dining experience, while the Miami location is “sleek, chic, and just a tad mysterious.” With the insight of Yannick and the rest of the Standards Advisory Committee, the Forbes Travel Guide will continue to highlight some of the best hotels, restaurants, and spas around the world to help guests narrow down the thousands of possibilities they have when traveling.