Hakkasan Mayfair and Hanway Place Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most sacred festival in China. It has been celebrated for thousands of years with celebrations centred around removing the bad and the old in exchange for welcoming the good and the new. This is a time for worshipping ancestors, exorcising evil spirits and praying for good harvest.

Each New Year denotes a different Chinese zodiac animal out of the twelve involved in the mythological story. In the story, there is a race between these animals and the order the animals finished in is the order the zodiac animals rotate through with each new lunar year. The rat was first, and the pig came last, and in fourth was the rabbit.

The Year of the Rabbit

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. In the mythological story the rabbit was said to have been racing well until it slipped into the river. Its natural resilience meant it had the foresight to hop onto a giant leaf and sail across the water, aided by the wind thanks to the breath of the majestic dragon. The rabbit is therefore considered a lucky symbol. Those who are born in this lunar year are said to be witty, vigilant, ingenious and quick-minded.

Change is predicted to come in 2023. While some people will do away with the misfortunes from 2022, others will need to brace for trouble and unfortunate accidents. As aforementioned, celebrations are centred around welcoming the good and the new. In an effort to do so, Hakkasan is celebrating Chinese New Year with a new Year of the Rabbit menu and cocktail, decorations in and around the restaurants, a special collaborative event and traditional lion dances.

The Year of the Rabbit Menu

On the new Year of the Rabbit menu, Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair are serving dishes featuring auspicious ingredients believed to bring good luck in the coming year. They are designed to be shared amongst the table and include a selection of dim sum, small eats, mains and sides along with a dessert. The menu is priced at £128 per guest and will be served until 7th  February.

As for beverage, there is the new, limited edition Tùzi Tail cocktail crafted in collaboration with Hennessy X.O, made by Hakkasan Mayfair’s Head Bartender, Andrei Danila. The sophisticated cocktail comprises of different layers of flavours and uses ingredients symbolising prosperity, good fortune and unity which is symbiotic to the meaning of X.O.

With Tùzi meaning rabbit in Chinese, the cocktail has herbaceous notes and is designed playfully to look like the fluffy white tail of a rabbit.

Chinese New Year with Hennessy X.O

Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hennessy are also collaborating on a one-off, exclusive event on 18th January, serving the Year of the Rabbit menu alongside complementary Hennessy drink pairings. Theatrical artists from London’s boutique club, The Box, will perform a completely unique take on the carnival-like lion dance. Tickets are available to purchase here. It will undoubtedly be a Chinese New Year celebration like no other.

Lion Dances

Traditional lion dances will also be taking place at Hakkasan Hanway Place on the day of Chinese New Year, 21st January at 2pm and at Hakkasan Mayfair on 25th January at 6pm. The dance mimics the movements of a lion to the beating drums, clashing cymbals and booming gongs that follow. Its intention is to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. To witness the show during your dining experience, head to our website to make a reservation.