Hakkasan Abu Dhabi Terrace

Terrace Grand Opening

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi celebrates Terrace Grand Opening on 16 October, 2019

Desserts Sitting on Top of Circular Latticework

Afternoon Tea at Hakkasan Jakarta

Woman Sitting at Bar Hakkatini Nights at Hakkasan Jakarta

Hakkatini Nights

A night of iconic cocktails curated by our award-winning mixologists.

Abu Dhabi Terrace

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi for the first time hosts the White Party for the season closing on the 1st May

Sanpei Chicken Claypot

Hakkasan Doha launches the new menu

A Piece of Dim Sum Topped with Caviar

The future of Hakkasan

It is the driving force of the people behind the scenes at Hakkasan who continue to allow it a place to shine in the thriving restaurant scenes around the world, from the bright lights of Shanghai to the bustle of New York.

Alila SCBD Jakarta, home of Hakkasan Jakarta

Hakkasan Jakarta opens soon

Chef Preparing Food in the Kitchen

Innovation within the Only At Collections