Ling Ling podcasts

Music has always played a central role within Hakkasan. With the development of Ling Ling, a new experience from Hakkasan, resident DJ and Music Manager Pathaan has created a sound unique to the brand, a sound that is fluid enough to adapt to a number of different venues and locations. Pathaan explains: “The Ling Ling┬ásound […]

Ling Ling: the history

Ling Ling is synonymous with Hakkasan. Its presence is in every Hakkasan restaurant across the globe, from Hakkasan Hanway Place in London, where it originated, to Hakkasan Shanghai and Hakkasan New York. However, the late-night lounge still retains its mysterious atmosphere, with much of its history at Hanway Place an enigma. While much of the […]