Hakkasan Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco will celebrate the season of love this February with a hand-crafted menu highlighting the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang.

In Chinese culture, Yin and Yang focuses on the idea of the balance in life. According to this concept, everything in life has an opposite, yet complementary pairing. Hakkasan’s special Valentine’s Day dinner will highlight the complementary flavors of seemingly contradictory food-pairings. Such as with love, a balance and interconnectedness can be found in pairings from opposite worlds. Honor the Yin and Yang of life, love, and food this Valentine’s Day Weekend at Hakkasan.

For 98 USD per person, guests can celebrate their love with an indulgent four-course meal. The romantic night will begin with a cool, refreshing glass of bubbly Tattinger ‘La Francaise’ Champagne accompanied by the warm crunchiness of the signature Crispy duck roll. Following the first course comes the Supreme dim sum basket. Within the basket, each piece of Dim sum bursts with opposite flavors of the one before it. From succulent Alaskan king crab to the complex flavors of black truffle, each dumpling is sure to stand out in a unique yet complementary way.

The main dish of the night brings two completely different worlds together: Land & Sea. The tender and smoky flavors of Australian Wagyu ribeye marry with the sweet honey glazed Maine lobster as the star of the show. The flavors of land mixed with those of sea make for a perfect example of the mutuality of opposites.

Following the savory main course, the evening of love concludes on a rich, delicate note with the Romantic cage. Decadent white chocolate mousse paired with rose cream, lychee marmalade, and raspberry sorbet sits within a ruby red chocolate sphere. Guests will experience the sweet white chocolate mingling with the gentle floral and tart fruity notes in each bite of this dessert.

A celebration of harmony found in opposites awaits over a special, romantic dinner at Hakkasan this Valentine’s Day.

This exclusive menu will be offered from February 14th through the 16th at Hakkasan Las Vegas and New York and February 13th through the 15th at Hakkasan San Francisco. A vegetarian version of this menu is available upon request.