Only At Mumbai


Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky, beetroot and orange liqueur, molasses sugar, anise bitters, served with vanilla air

Mughal Martini
Biryani infused vodka, sake, mango yoghurt, lime, mint and saffron

Xi Ai Fig
Janus brandy, brandied fig, vanilla, lemon, grenadine and peach juice

Chiku Martini
Don Angel tequila, chiku, apple, Indian lime and orange bitters

Ling Dao
Tanqueray gin, star anise, Earl Grey, lime, angostura bitters and negroni foam

Apple Wood Cup
Clemant Blanc rum, wood apple, honey, Indian lime and apple cider vinegar

Sandlewood Old Fashioned
Jim Beam bourbon, sandlewood, date and saindhav salt

Corralejo Blanco, cointreau, pomegranate juice, kaffir lime

Smoky Saffron Negroni
Turmeric infused gin, saffron, sweet vermouth and campari, smoked in a decanter with hickory wood

Fruit blend

Masala Mary
Gravy masala, basil, olive, cherry tomato, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, saindhav salt, black pepper, Indian lime and tobasco

Prune Plum
San San prune, peach, grenadine, lemon and date nectar

Thandai Mule
Thandai syrup, Mexican lime, pomegranate, molasses sugar and soda

Small eat

Vegetarian steamed dim sum basket v

Crispy Cochin soft shell crab
in homemade chilli sauce with charcoal mantou

Roasted mango duck with lemon sauce

Crispy tofu with Szechuan pepper and Kashmiri chilli v


Grilled Konkan jumbo prawns with shimeji mushrooms in spicy sauce

Mapo style stewed Indian eggplant and asparagus v

Village style sliced chicken
steamed in lotus leaf

Braised Indian mutton with taro
in claypot

Rice and noodle

Spicy crab meat fried rice with Madras curry powder

Stewed noodles with king prawns
in superior stock