Cocktail (choose one)

Lychee Martini


Zesty Martini

Polmos Cooler

Pink Mojito


Crispy duck salad

Soup (choose one)

Royal stock seafood soup

Chinese wild mushroom soup v

Small eat (choose one)

Chilean sea bass dumpling

Har gau

Grilled Shanghai dumpling

Crispy duck roll

Edamame dumpling v

Carrot cake v

Crystal dumpling v

Black fungus dumpling v

Main (choose one)

Braised pork belly with truffle sauce

Steamed Indian salmon
in homemade chilli sauce

Braised chicken clay pot

Spicy prawn
with almond flakes

Wild mushroom clay pot v

Mabo tofu v

Four-style vegetable stir-fry v
in Szechuan sauce

Vegetarian chicken with sugar snaps v

served with seasonal greens and burnt garlic

Rice and noodle

Spicy edamame fried rice v

Chicken and salted fish fried rice

Hakka tossed noodle
served with chicken or vegetable


Mango and coconut iced truffle

Chocolate raspberry sphere

Selection of ice cream or sorbet