Sounds of Hakkasan #0068, Hakkasan’s Deep House Playlist

Hosted by Pathaan

More than a fine dining restaurant, Hakkasan is an entertainment experience. Our locations are known for their energy and characteristic music mixes that can be heard throughout the venue. Therefore, we are proud to bring that experience to your home with the release of our latest Hakkasan deep house playlist, Sounds of Hakkasan #0068. This month, our playlist has been curated by Pathaan and represents Hakkasan’s global locations spanning from Las Vegas to Indonesia. Follow us on our YouTube page and listen there on the link above. You can also subscribe to our profiles on MixCloud and Spotify to listen to all of our latest music mixes.

1. Budakid – Adieu X
2. MOLLONO.BASS – My Way (Instrumental Version)
3. TIBASKO – Nerije
4. DeVante – Crepuscular (Danito & Athina Remix)
5. Miyagi – Sadie Adler 6. Odagled – Akram
6. CHAMBORD – Pyramid & Sky
7. Maga & ? ? ? ? – Sirens Of Space
8. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? – Nebulae
9. ᗰOᗪᗪ – Ayva
10. Stranger Tourists – Aube
11. Josh Winiberg – Dawn In Berlin
12. KAROL XVII & MB VALENCE – Aqua (Jackspeare Original Interpretation)
13. A.M.R – Constellation (Original Mix)

Labels featured:
Street Tracks
Kognitiv Records
Flying Circus
Supernature Label
Get Physical Music
Silk Music

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